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The values of data structures in a program are lost when the program terminates. If you want to keep the data after the program terminates, the data need to be stored in a file or database JAVA program can read a data and write a data from and to a file. This process is called File Input/Output (I/O) 

Steps to write a program using file input & output
  • Open a I/O stream objects (using FileReader or FileWriter class) 
  • Read/write a data to a I/O stream objects (using read() or write() methods) 
  • Close the I/O stream objects (using close() method)


Polymorphism Concept:
  • Polymorphism means “having many forms” 
  • It is the ability to use the same name to refer to methods that perform different tasks. 
  • Ability of a variable to have more than one type – hold values of different types. 
  • Let us code generically like parameter, it lets us write code that is both general and tailored to a particular situation.

Java Example: GUI

Basically, there are three steps to make GUI program:
  1. Define Frame or Applet to hold components
  2.  Add GUI components to Frame. Use layout manager to determine position
  3.  Add actions to GUI. By adding event listeners to GUI components

Java Example: Using Binary File

To write codes that use Binary file, we need to apply Serialization class. Basically, java with a binary files are involving with the objects. Therefore we should at least have a java class (one java class).

How to use Serialization?
The codes:
  1) import java.io.*;
  2) Implement java.io.Serialization interface
java class
  1) Use writeObject and readObject methods whose header are as
      given below:
       a) void writeObject (Object obj) throws IOException;
       b) Object readObject() throws ClassNotFoundException,
java application

Java Example: Inheritance Code

a. Write methods of calChargesMPV () and calcChargesLimo() 
to calculate the rental charges for both subclasses. 
The formulas are given below: 


Langkah untuk UPDATE data:
  1. masukkan update link pada viewlist.php
  2. buat satu form untuk user update data - updateform.php
  3. buat satu php file untuk proses update - updateprocess.php